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18 Resources to Help You Purchase a Profitable Rental Property

Buying a rental property is an exciting investment, but it can also be a little scary—especially if this is your first introduction to real estate investing. Like any business, renting out a home comes with its share of risks. Whether or not your rental will be profitable is dependent on numerous factors, from the location […]

Do you know the silent killer in your home?

As a homeowner there are many things that you need to be aware of to keep you and your family safe. From mold to asbestos, a home can hide many hazards that you may not be aware of until you start to show symptoms from exposure. One of the most serious health hazards that can […]

5 Essential Steps to Buying an Accessible Home

People search for accessible homes for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’ve begun using mobility aids in retirement and find it difficult to maneuver around your current home. Maybe you have a disability, or you recently had a child who will need accessibility features in the future. You may worry that it will be impossible […]