A Sewer Scope from CoPro Home Inspection will ensure your sewer line is in good condition and functioning as designed. The sewer system is one of the most important of all your home’s systems. Many people fail to realize they’re responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the sewer line from their home up to where it connects with the city sewer line.

There are a few factors that can cause problems with your home’s drain system. A sewer scope clearly shows the condition of the line and can isolate a potential problem before it leads to a costly repair bill.

What do sewer scopes accomplish?

CoPro Home Inspection - Sewer Scopes - Denver - VerticalYour CoPro Home Inspector will use a camera to inspect the inside of the sewer line for cracks, damage to the line, built-up debris, root intrusion, and other possible problems. They will then provide you with a detailed report about the condition of the line and any issues discovered.

This is valuable information that can save you a lot of money by identifying problems and where the problem is located in the line. You are better prepared to contact a plumbing contractor or negotiate a lower purchase price of the home you are buying.

With a sewer scope report, you have valuable knowledge. Identifying potential problems early can save you a lot of money and ensure you are not caught unprepared for an expensive repair.

Left untreated, plumbing problems are sure to leave your household with a non-functioning sewer line at the worst possible time. A sewer scope lets you arrange repairs to better suit your schedule.

Always get a sewer scope before buying an older home

The sewer line of an older home is much more likely to have issues like collapsed areas, misaligned sections, root intrusion, or a build-up of debris and other objects. A seller is responsible to disclose known issues with the property, but nobody can really know the condition of a sewer line without ordering a sewer scope or digging up the line.

A sewer scope from CoPro Home Inspection will cost you a lot less than paying someone to dig up the sewer line. And the enjoyment of owning your own home can quickly go down the drain if you are hit with the unexpected repair cost to replace the drain line.

Common sewer line problems a sewer scope reveals

Whether you are buying your first home or have recently paid off the mortgage on your dream home, a sewer scope from CoPro Home Inspection can make you aware of sewer line issues before they escalate into major problems that cost thousands of dollars to repair.

  • Bellying: A sagging pipe creates low spots where water and solid waste collects, slowing draining.
  • Collapsed pipe: Repeated root intrusions can weaken a sewer line and eventually cause sections to collapse.
  • Misalignment: Older pipe sections can separate and create offsets in the line. This allows waste to build-up and moisture to seep into the soil, causing further pipe separation and other problems.

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